Day Fifty Four

Yesterday’s snow came with a lot of wind, resulting in four lanes of highway being unusable for the amount of snow piling up, a 35 minute drive taking 2.5 hours, and waking up to one foot of snow to gaze upon this morning. It came just as the Christmas snow was disappearing… …and the birds…

Day Forty Four

New Year’s Day. Took a trip to Logan, Utah, where the University nestled in the mountains was covered in so much snow, it made it hard to see where the car-path ended and the footpath began.  

Let it Snow!

After day one of some serious snow Still snowing, at midnight. Looks like dawn… And, today. About 6 more inches on the ground. Good stuff!

Day Thirty Six

It finally snowed! We’ll leave the gate open for you… Made Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which is always a fun baking project. Something about layering cake batter over pineapple over melted brown sugar is very satisfying! Serving it with whipped cream was even more pleasurable, alas there are no pictures to show for that!