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Day Fifty Three

Goats on the porch

The goats and the sheep have taken to visiting the front porch around mid-morning. Today, they just laid down and napped.

Hair Sheep, lazing about

Even the sheep, who are normally quick to get up and go when you come near them, just laid there and let me look and snap.

Goats on the porch

Two are having a staring contest, and two are busy with an itch.



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Can you believe it’s snowing again?!

It's snowing again!

It’s snowing again, so we can’t come out to play! Thanks for visiting last night, though, with extra pails of hay!

Really Reaching

And, here, he has had enough of cowering from the snow, and not having fresh food to graze on. So, he reached for the lowest branch for his brunch.