taking it one day at a time

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Day Fifty Three

Goats on the porch

The goats and the sheep have taken to visiting the front porch around mid-morning. Today, they just laid down and napped.

Hair Sheep, lazing about

Even the sheep, who are normally quick to get up and go when you come near them, just laid there and let me look and snap.

Goats on the porch

Two are having a staring contest, and two are busy with an itch.



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Day Forty Four

Stuck in the past?

New Year’s Day. Took a trip to Logan, Utah, where the University nestled in the mountains was covered in so much snow, it made it hard to see where the car-path ended and the footpath began.

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Day Forty Three

Catching Snowflakes

I am loving catching snowflakes with my camera. They are absolutely enchanting and make me long to purchase a lens that can capture their perfectly formed beauty.Catching Snowflakes

… but I won’t because that would be completely frivolous!Triple Layer Cheesecake

And dessert today: Cheesecake!Triple Layer Cheesecake

Devil’s Food Cake in place of a crust, Chocolate Cheesecake and plain lemon-flavored Cheesecake above that, all hidden under Awesome Sauce.

Seriously, this Three-Berry Sauce really is an awesome sauce!

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Day Thirty Seven


A Chicken March

Waiting for breakfast. They seem to be looking at the world like, “What? Still snowing? Our worms are freezing over! Noooo!”

Let's Huddle Together

They are really learning about teamwork in their efforts to stay warm!


The World from Up High

I didn’t even know chickens could fly this high up, about eight feet high there.


I'll eat (almost) anything

We’ve named him Skitterson, for he is quite skittish. He finally discovered that since his lawn-mowing services are no longer necessary, perhaps he can start in on pruning the bushes. Good job, Skitterson!Flake Dripping Off!

Snowflakes Hanging Off the Edge

True Story

The previous owners of this little urban homestead had these silk flowers lying around the front yard. They look great covered in snow.Covered In Powder

The quiet in the air on the day after it snowed is a totally breath-taking experience. Like, you don’t want to breathe in case you’re too loud and you’ll break the beautiful silence.Snow Up Top

Snowed Under Snow Lace   Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Cream Cheese Chocolate Cupcakes for Dessert