Day Fifty Four

Yesterday’s snow came with a lot of wind, resulting in four lanes of highway being unusable for the amount of snow piling up, a 35 minute drive taking 2.5 hours, and waking up to one foot of snow to gaze upon this morning. It came just as the Christmas snow was disappearing… …and the birds…

Day Fifty Two

Woke up with a burning need to try popovers this morning. So I blended the ingredients together (egg, flour, milk, and salt), tossed in some chopped berries, pushed them into a 425 F oven, and hoped for the best. They rose, and were all nice and hollow inside, perfect for filling with any kind of…

Day Fifty

It was a long day: chasing goats, fleeing from flying chickens, and then I made a lemon meringue pie that wouldn’t set. So, I figured, the easiest thing to do would be to make baked pudding: simple, satisfying, soothing. Things didn’t quite work out as I planned, and while I was thinking it had everything…

Carrot Cake, II

Something’s off with my baking lately. This carrot cake sank, and after the effort of finely grating the carrots, I was none too happy. At least, the cream cheese frosting worked. …and the cake is tasty. (I know, I know…anything with sugar is bound to be a palate-pleaser.)

Day Forty Seven

Sufganiyot, via Martha Stewart …with, of course, some Awesome Sauce thickened to a jammy consistency.

Day Forty Three

I am loving catching snowflakes with my camera. They are absolutely enchanting and make me long to purchase a lens that can capture their perfectly formed beauty. … but I won’t because that would be completely frivolous! And dessert today: Cheesecake! Devil’s Food Cake in place of a crust, Chocolate Cheesecake and plain lemon-flavored Cheesecake…

Day Forty Two

Chocolate Waffle Sandwich for dinner… …and for dessert. What? It is awesome ice cream. Who cares if it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside? It’s Kirkland’s best (according to my palate’s opinion), Caramel Almond Toffee Ice Cream.

Day Forty

Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread, via Southern Living

Day Thirty Nine

Last night’s dessert… …this morning’s breakfast. (Pineapple-Coconut Muffins) and somebody is learning his crow-song: Crow …and relax

Day Thirty Seven

  Waiting for breakfast. They seem to be looking at the world like, “What? Still snowing? Our worms are freezing over! Noooo!” They are really learning about teamwork in their efforts to stay warm!   I didn’t even know chickens could fly this high up, about eight feet high there.   We’ve named him Skitterson,…

Day Thirty Six

It finally snowed! We’ll leave the gate open for you… Made Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which is always a fun baking project. Something about layering cake batter over pineapple over melted brown sugar is very satisfying! Serving it with whipped cream was even more pleasurable, alas there are no pictures to show for that!