taking it one day at a time


I have been dabbling with photography for several years now, although nothing on this blog will depict how my photography has changed. Now, I am attempting to define a style for myself, which may very well be an exercise of utter folly. To get to there from here, I have decided to undertake the infamous Project 365 challenge. So, a picture a day for 365 days, for one of my inexcusably short attention span, should be quite the challenge.

I fear that I won’t have enough inspiration, that I won’t find the best way to depict a scene, that I won’t find the right setting on my camera.

I worry that I will take too many photos, that I won’t take enough.

I worry that I’ll miss a day and thereby begin my inevitable spiral down into the abyss of the quitter’s graveyard.

It’s been said that I worry too much. And also that I don’t worry enough. Let’s see if I can strike the perfect balance. Just one picture a day. No words, no recipes, no worrying.


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