I have been dabbling with photography for several years now, although nothing on this blog will depict how my photography has changed from the first photo I took till today. Now, I am attempting to define a style for myself, which may very well be an exercise of utter folly. Everything in our universe has already been photographed, and the only things left unphotographed are aliens. Yet, it is my camera that provides me with instant deliverance from the daily grind. It blends the art of capturing Earth’s beauties with the technicalities of making a photo correctly with the certainty that I see more through the viewfinder than I do with my naked eyes.

At one point, I undertook the infamous Project 365 challenge. So, a picture a day for 365 days, for one of my inexcusably short attention span, should be quite the challenge. I fear that I won’t have enough inspiration, that I won’t find the best way to depict a scene, that I won’t find the right setting on my camera. I worry that I will take too many photos, that I won’t take enough. I worry that I’ll miss a day and thereby begin my inevitable spiral down into the abyss of the quitter’s graveyard.
It’s been said that I worry too much. And also that I don’t worry enough. Let’s see if I can strike the perfect balance. Just one picture a day. No words, no recipes, no worrying.

(OK, I lasted fifty-four days before Instagram beckoned. Sorry, bloggo.)

As for my shooting gear: my setup is quite basic. I shoot with a Pentax K-x, the 18-55 mm kit lens that came with it, and a Sigma telephoto lens with a reach of 70-300 mm. I shoot macro with a reverse-mounted Pentax-A SMC 50mm F/1.7 prime lens.


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