Day Fifty Two

Popovers with Three Berries

Woke up with a burning need to try popovers this morning. So I blended the ingredients together (egg, flour, milk, and salt), tossed in some chopped berries, pushed them into a 425 F oven, and hoped for the best. They rose, and were all nice and hollow inside, perfect for filling with any kind of favorite sauce.

But there was one glitch. The recipe said to grease the muffin pan really well, and I am always hesitant to put batter directly into muffin pans–cleaning up after isn’t my favorite activity if things happen to stick to the pan. So, I used cupcake cases in the pan…and the popovers stuck to them really well!

So, next time I’ll grease the muffin pan and hope for the best, because these were totally worth it. Except for the paper stuck to them! Peeling off paper while eating is a bad idea, so I gave these to the chickens, and all was well in their little world.


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