Day Fifty One

Goat stuck in fence. She's fine!
So long as you pay attention to me, I’m all right with being stuck in the fence!

This stubborn little girl goat got herself trapped in the corner of fence on the front porch, where she and her friends come for their morning hang-out. The others saw her like this and wandered off, so she started bleating for our attention. We came out, laughed with horror, took a short video and a few pictures, and then tried to sort out the situation. We figured if she’d just slide her head down a bit, and maybe take a seat, she’d be able to wiggle her head out neatly enough.

But she had other ideas! She was either going to pull her head straight out (impossible) or stand there forever…so long as she had somebody to keep her company. Every time we’d leave for a bit, she’d bleat until we came back out and then calm down. Eventually, she let me push that pretty head of hers down enough for her head to wiggle out the larger bottom portion of the fence.


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