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Day Fifty

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Two cups of sugar, eh?

Two cups of sugar, eh?

It was a long day: chasing goats, fleeing from flying chickens, and then I made a lemon meringue pie that wouldn’t set. So, I figured, the easiest thing to do would be to make baked pudding: simple, satisfying, soothing. Things didn’t quite work out as I planned, and while I was thinking it had everything to do with the wonky oven temperature…no. The baked pudding didn’t quite work out because I miscalculated the amount of sugar I needed: rather than 2 ounces of sugar…I used 2 cups of sugar.

Sorry, mama. I’ve insulted the baking heritage you tried so hard to instill in me. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow! (inshaAllah!)

(Mama might be happy to know that I did salvage this sweet disaster.)


Author: F.Emme

Professional web developer. Amateur grammarian. Professionally amateur seamstress. Amateurishly professional baker. I believe that the mundane can be magnificent if you can laugh at it every once in a while.

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